Sore throat is a common problem in children. The problem is far from simple as appears on the surface.

Viruses cause a vast majority of throat infections. Many viruses cause pain and swelling of the throat.
Symptoms include a runny nose and congestion, irritation or redness of the eyes, cough, and hoarseness, soreness in the roof of the mouth, a skin rash, or diarrhoea. There may sometimes be difficulty in swallowing food/liquids. Children with viral infections may have a rising fever; they may also feel depressed. A high fever does not also necessarily mean that the child has a bacterial infection.

Soreness may affect the whole throat or specific areas such as the larynx, tonsils, adenoids, pharynx, or vocal chords.

This may include a dry mouth and throat discomfort on swallowing, an unpleasant taste in the mouth, bad breath, fatigue, and fever. They may have made worse by cold and damp, overuse of voice, passive smoking, food allergy, being run down, or emotional stress. If symptoms and loss of voice persist for more than 4-5 days, see your doctor.

Aconitum Napellus is useful during the initial onset of a sore throat. The symptoms come on suddenly, after exposure to cold air. There may be burning in the throat with redness, swelling and increased thirst.
For a red, inflamed throat with swollen tonsils, Apis Mellifica may be extremely useful. The condition gets aggravated by warm drinks and relieved by cold drinks or ice. You would think of this remedy when the throat hurts even while not swallowing. The throat may have a stinging pain. 

For burning pain in the throat relieved by warm food or drinks and aggravated by cold food or drinks, Arsenicum Album is a suitable remedy. Belladonna works well for acute tonsillitis — also, in the early stages of other types of sore throat. The tonsils are visibly red. There is burning pain and a constant desire to swallow.

Ferrum Phosphoricum is often useful for acute tonsillitis. The infection begins gradually; the throat is red and swollen, especially in the morning. Painful swallowing relieved by cold applications is another key symptom. For those who experience a sensation of a stick in the throat, or when a sore throat begins after exposure to cold, Hepar Sulphuricum is an effective remedy.

Enlarged tonsils with a radiating pain to the ears on swallowing calls for the use of this medicine. When a child has sore throat that is worse on the left side, this medicine again indicated.
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