The air in an airplane is never fresh. It is constantly recycled. This tends to dehydrate us while desiccating the skin.

At high altitudes, a person can actually feel as if s/he is in a desert with dry itchy skin, chapped lips, parched throat, and generalized uneasiness, along with headache, earache, and abdominal fullness or bloating.

It is important to avoid alcohol and beverages like tea or coffee that tend to induce frequent urination by virtue of their diuretic properties. Similarly, foods that are loaded with sugar or fat should be avoided to prevent abdominal discomfort.
Hydrate well.

Drinking plenty of water and moisturizing the skin by the use of body lotion is a good way of preventing the loss of moisture from the skin.

Another way out is the use of a mist atomizer. Although plain bottled water is good enough, infusions with essential oils are even better, because these help to soothe the nerves. Hydrating mist moisturizes the skin and keeps the traveler feeling refreshed all the time.

When the nostrils become tender due to an existing infection, petroleum jelly may be applied to coat them and also reduce the soreness.

Walking up and down the aisle at regular intervals, stretching out when seated, changing one’s posture, moving one’s arms and legs, and wiggling one’s toes and fingers often help to maintain proper blood circulation — this will also help to prevent the formation of blood clots in the veins. It keeps the skin well oxygenated.

When a person, who has a fresh deep wound that has just been dressed or undergone surgery, boards a flight immediately, atmospheric pressure changes can cause bleeding to recur and hamper the healing process.

It’s ideal for such individuals to speak/consult their surgeon before boarding the airplane.  
It is also advisable for patients with a history of skin allergies, as we suggest at Dr Batra’s Clinic, to carry a summary of their medical history. This is helpful to pre-empt, avoid, or treat an allergic response in the altered environment, or taking certain food or drink while on-board.
Healing with Homeopathy

Homeopathic medicines are useful prophylactically as well as therapeutically for in-flight skin and other health problems.

Arsenicum Album and Coca are two pre-eminent remedies that have been successfully used in the prevention and treatment of complaints at high altitudes.
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  1. Shipra
    December 15, 2010 at 4:39 AM

    Seriously air sickness is annoying problem, which my friend was facing. Truly modern planes does not guarantee a comfortable trip. And it stimulate to "Air Sickness".

    You covered here good guidelines over to Air Sickness. And I also believe that Homeopathy can help to heal treatment for Air Sickness.

    Thanks for these guidelines :)

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