Vilas (37) first visited Dr Batra’s Clinic with a vexed expression, if not annoyance. He was distressed with his problem — alopecia areata, an autoimmune disorder, in which the body attacks its own hair roots, causing hair loss in patches.

The origin of his complaint has traced to November 2009. It first started as a small patch in his beard. Initially, he “brushed it aside,” thinking that it was allergy. He also blamed it on kali-mehendi, or dye, or “quack” medication, which did not help him anyway. Over time, his hair loss worsened; it spread rapidly all over his scalp. He now began to use conventional treatment, but without relief.

It was at this point that he turned to homeopathy on a friend’s suggestion. Since he did not know much about homeopathy, he was wary of the results. “But, why not try,” he thought.
A detailed case-analysis revealed that Vilas was ambitious and irritable by nature. Being an executive, he had high stress levels. Apart from this, for a practical and fastidious person, he frequently indulged and took comfort in stimulants.

He has counselled about his problem and informed that there was no quick fix, and that patience would help. He has prescribed a suitable homeopathic medicine, based on his emotional and physical symptoms. He has also advised to practice stress-relieving techniques.

As the treatment progressed, the patches stopped expanding further. Vilas began gradually to get his hair back. He now began to develop faith, or belief, in homeopathy. He is grateful to Dr Batra's for giving him “hair-rising,” excellent results, and for bringing about a positive change in his confidence levels.
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