Rajni (21), he was referred to us by one of her friends who felt better with Dr Batra’s homeopathic treatment.

Rajni, an extrovert, he was being slowly transformed into a reserved and depressed person, because of her acne (pimples) distress. During consultation, we found that Rajni started getting her painful pimples ever since she stepped into her teenage years . She had tried all sorts of home remedies with no result. She was presently on conventional treatment, which offered her no more than temporary relief. Worse still, her acne would resurface the moment she stopped taking her medicines. She was tired too of taking them and had lost all hope of sporting a blemishless face. The scars that remained behind started to undermine her self-confidence also.

Our homeopathic doctor at Dr Batra’s Clinic explained what acne was all about to her. He also said that her acne was a part of the hormonal changes that occur during puberty. Most often, the body is able to adjust and overcome these changes .Sometimes, the body is not able to do so and acne may continue to persist after adolescence. He also told her that she would require constitutional homeopathic treatment to assist the body to overcome these changes.

Rajni’s case study revealed that she was fond of pastries, spicy food and cold drinks. Her sleep was disturbed because of her concern with her acne spots. Her mother had also suffered from acne during her teens. Her friends told us that Rajni, a cheerful girl, was worried about her looks and used to cry oft and on. She depended on them to console her.

Besides acne, Rajni suffered from painful menses. She used to vomit and pass loose stools too at times. On examination, our doctor at Dr Batra’s found that she also suffered from dandruff.

Rajni was prescribed an appropriate homeopathic remedy. She was also counselled for her depression. Our in-house dietitian at Dr Batra’s prescribed a diet plan for her. She has advised to follow an appropriate skin care routine with Dr Batra’s skin care products and Dr Batra’s anti-dandruff shampoo.

In a span of 4-5 months, following homeopathic treatment at Dr Batra’s, the frequency of Rajni’s acne started to reduce, so also her menstrual distress. She soon became cheerful again. She could now sleep well. Her friends were also relieved, because her weeping spells were now outdated.
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