Meghana (16), visited Dr Batra’s Clinic for eczema — a problem which had troubled her for over eight years now. She was already on conventional treatment, which only offered her momentary relief. Her parents, realising the possible bad effects of steroidal creams were in search of a safe form of medical treatment for their daughter.

On her case-analysis, our homeopathic consultant at Dr Batra’s Clinic found that there was a strong family history of asthma on her mother’s side. He also traced the origin of her eczematous patches, a few days after the death of her paternal grandmother. She loved her grandmother immensely and now missed her badly.

The most affected area was her left ankle, with a few, new dry patches showing on her foot. The skin in that area was thick and dark because of constant itching. It was also reporting that her symptoms would increase during any change of weather or whenever she came in contact to dust.

Meghana also suffered from headache whenever she used to go out in the sun; she also complained of constipation. Her mother added that she had a habit of adding salt to all the food that she ate and asked if we could treat this problem as well. Yes, homeopathy can!

Meghana was the second child in the family; she was not expressive of her emotions. According to her mother, it was difficult to know what was going on in her mind. Her elder sister said that whenever she remembered her grandmother, she would cover her face with a pillow and cry. She did not like anyone seeing her cry. During case-analysis, her mother did most of the talking.

The attending homeopathic doctor at Dr Batra’s Clinic put her on an appropriate homeopathic medicine. It did not take long for her family members to notice palpable improvement in her nature. Slowly, she started mixing and sharing her problems with her elder sister. In about four months, Meghana was able to stop her steroidal cream; there was also good improvement in the new patches. At the end of one year of treatment, the formation of new patches was controlled; the itching and dryness too improved considerably. Meghana’s extra salt intake also reduced. Besides, the frequency and intensity of her headaches diminished too. Her bowel movements were now regular and normal.
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